Silver pendant with an insert from porcelain.
Chain Length 45cm


According to myth, the Erinians pursued Orestes for the murder of his mother, which he committed at the behest of Apollo. Apollo could only lull the avenging goddesses temporarily, protecting Orestes. Athena Pallas put an end to the persecution, having held the first trial in the history of mythical Greece, the trial of Orestes, as a result of which the hero was acquitted. Erinii became furious because the court took away their original right to punish those who violated the law (the mythical transition from revenge to justice). However, Athena pacified the wrath of the goddesses, persuading the Erinians to remain in Attica, promising that all Athenians would honor the ancient goddesses. Since the Erinians changed their anger to mercy, they began to be called the Eumenes (Eumenes, from other Greek.

Pendant Erinia

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